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5 Fun Facts about Sacramento

Want to know more about Sacramento California? Well, you clicked on the right article. We will give you nice things to say about your beloved city. Let’s discover other fun facts about your favorite city!




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  1. Claim to be One of the Most Divergent Cities in America, It was the TIME magazine who labeled Sacramento as one of the most divergent cities in America. Los Angeles and New York City might be the most famous cities in America and considered the most populated place compared to Sacramento, but the profusion of cultures in Sacramento was fusion together evenly to create more of a cultural montage than the most famous cities that were mentioned above. This makes Sacramento one of the most unified cities in America.
  2. The Best of all the Best Cheeseburgers Is Located Here at Sacramento, We are not gonna lie about this and we have the bragging rights to boast it because wherever you’ve had the best burger before, draw a blank about it before you move-in here, because Sacramento is very popular for its burgers just pay a visit to the Squeeze Inn, which serves the most delectable and mouthwatering burgers across the state of California. Their not-so-secret formula is to add a lot of cheese and the rest was considered as history. You will get a slice of cheese that’s is about twofold as enormous as the burger bun!

  3. Sports Teams? We Have It All Here, The most known teams here at Sacramento was none other than the Sacramento Kings, but Sacramento has a lot of sports teams to be cheered off. If you talk about soccer there is the Sacramento Republic FC pro soccer team, for the baseball team you can say hi! to the Sacramento River Cats minor league baseball team, and another one for the basketball is the Sacramento State Hornets men’s basketball team.

  4. We Have Plenty of Nicknames to Choose From, If you will pass by on the streets of Sacramento you can ask the locals about the nicknames and they can give you more than five names. Some of the most frequent nicknames are “The City of Trees”, “The Camellia Capital of the World”, and “The Big Tomato.” Well, at some point most locals just simply call it “Sac” or “Sactown”.

    UC Davis Health
  5. Sacramento Got You Well Treated For Having the Best Hospitals in America, The UC Davis Medical Center was recently ranked as one of the 50 first-rate hospitals in America by the News and World Report, in comparison with the 5,000 hospitals across the state.


Whatever your reasons for moving here in Sacramento we hope that you will enjoy your stay here. We hope that this article will ignite your interest to move in here at Sactown!

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