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Remember that a home buyer does not want to be caught off guard in a seller’s market. It’s is one of the main reasons that the most necessary thing a home buyer can do is trust his or her real estate agent to advise in different market conditions. If it is a seller’s market, it could be very burdensome, if not almost impossible, to buy the first home a buyer wants to purchase.


Most of the home buyers have generally very little interest in the real estate market when they don’t have to buy a home, they don’t always know how the market moves from one season to another, they are not engaging in participating in a home buying activity.


Markets can modify in the blink of an eye. When the market changes to a seller’s market, a buyer’s home plan of action needs to change with it. In a seller’s market, a home buyer is unlikely to be fortunate using the same methods practiced in a buyer’s market.




  • PLUNGE ON THAT SELLER’S MARKET SHOWING; Don’t be that buyer who plans to wait until the weekend to outlook a home in a seller’s market. Rest assured that by the weekend it is already sold. Try to be the one in the first line. Sellers commonly don’t enjoy having buyers come through their homes at all hours of the day, so most would like to see their homes depleted quickly. If you write a good offer, a clean offer, and a fast offer your probability of acceptance is far better for those of an unprepared buyer. It may surprise you to know how many buyers are often unprepared.
  • DON’T HESITATE TO ASK YOUR AGENT TO CALL THE LISTING AGENT FOR SOME TIPS; First and foremost, it is your right to ask, and second, you are entitled to ask questions so don’t bother asking for help from your agent. Listing agents are often busy. If your agent can save the listing agent some time by preparing the offer accurately, the listing agent might be predisposed to recommend you an offer over an offer from another agent who did not outright the offer the way the seller expects. If you want to be the first offer most especially in a highly competitive market like in Sacramento, your offer needs to match the seller’s expectations.
  • FITTING THE HOME BUYING OFFER IN A SELLER’S MARKET; In this case, time is essential. Numerous offers happen with more regularity in a seller’s market than in a buyer’s market. That’s because of the very nature a seller’s market is characterized in parts by low inventory and lots of home buyers. Usually, a decent and well-organized home that is priced well can attract more than one offer. Take note that you might not be the only buyer who wants to own that house.

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