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Best Places to Visit in Sacramento

By Angel Ella


As the capital of California, Sacramento is evidently rich in history. This is the 6th largest city in the whole state and one of the most famous tourist destinations in California. There are a variety of activities and places you can visit and try, so here’s a list of the famed must try places for you and your family when you visit Sacramento.

  1. Sacramento Zoo – Located in William Land Park with over 500 animals as of 2012 in living in its 14.3 acres of land. A wide variety of mammals, birds, reptiles and more can be seen in this zoo. They are also active in promoting conservation projects, sponsoring animals, and animal welfare. Zoo hours are from 9:00am to 4:00pm. You can buy your tickets online and plan your visit in advance. For more information about Sacramento Zoo, you may visit their website and have a preview of what to a fun day you can expect with the family.

  2. Fairytale Town – Relive the little child in you as you visit this 60 year old attraction. It features 26 play sets with themes coming from nursery rhymes and our all-time favorite fairytales. It also has farm animals, stages for performances and lush gardens. They are open daily from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Visit their website and see more of this magical place!

    Fairytale Town
  3. Old Sacramento – Introduce your kids to the historic park of Old Sacramento. Nestled along the banks of the enigmatic Sacramento River, this bustling town offers a lot of activities for people of all ages. Feel nostalgic as you imagine yourself in the 49er Gold Rush period. You will also see here the famous California State Railroad Museum, underground tours, live music, shopping and dining and historical attractions. Learn more about Old Sacramento and get ready to experience a blast from the past.

    Old Sacramento
  4. Sacramento River – Known as California’s longest river, the Sacramento River offers a lot of different activities for the whole family. There’s nature and trail walking and hiking as you immerse yourself in to the beauty and peacefulness of nature surrounding you. You can also go swimming, tubing, kayaking, and fishing. There are also allocated tent, RV, and trailer sites for overnight camping.  There are a lot of activities to choose from! Start planning your trip and be one with nature.

    Sactown Magazine
  5. Funderland Park – Funderland Park – If your kids love rides, this is the place to be. From their famous flying dragon to the classic carousel, and the Funderland train. This park is full of color and life; they also host birthday parties and exciting events for the kids. Visit their website to see the park calendar and schedule your visit this weekend with the kids!

    Funderland Park

These are just the top 5 favorite spots for the kids, below are worth mentioning as well:

  1. Sacramento Kings – Buy tickets for the family and surprise them with good seats.
  2. California State Capitol Museum – Witness and experience California’s rich history here.
  3. California Railroad Museum – This may not be the Hogwarts Express but seeing these magnificent old powerful engines will really amaze you.
  4. Rebounderz – Need an outlet? Jump to your heart’s content in this huge indoor trampoline fun center.
  5. SeaQuest – Be like Moana and interact with lovely sea creatures and other kind wildlife in the animal kingdom.


Whether you are alone, with your friends, or with your family, there are lots of things to do in Sacramento. You will never go out of place to visit and stuff to do here!

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