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Seller’s markets get along in life when there are a lot of purchasers competing for a low stock of active listings. It is not bizarre for a property with all the bells and whistles to make some great offers from more than one purchaser. When this happens, the property frequently sells for more than list price, but take note that the price is not the main goal to a seller. There are other things to consider. If you are trying to purchase a property in a seller’s market, here are some helpful tips to help you write that winning buying offer and be the winner in that competition.



  • PREPARE A PRE-APPROVAL LETTER TOGETHER WITH YOUR OFFER: A lender’s letter that explains your credit rating has been checked and you can manage to purchase the home carries a lot of weight. It declares the seller that you are serious and capable- you are more than ready to buy, and you have already pledged to a lender. In case that the seller has a higher offer from a purchaser without an approval letter to show, your offer might get the chance to win.
  • YOU MUST WRITE A FRIENDLY OFFER: Never include any demands in your offer that are likely to irritate, or the seller might get mad. If it is usual in your area for the purchaser to pay for their title insurance policy, don’t tell the seller to bear that cost. If most purchasers demand ownership at 5 p.m. on the day of closing, let your kindness set you apart from other purchasers by giving the seller two or three days to move-out.
  • ALWAYS PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD: It simply means that you must “write your very best offer.” You might get only one chance to make an impact on the seller, so don’t make a low offer in hopes that the seller will grant you a retract from your offer. If the seller has a lot of multiple offers, the low offers usually not even considered. Those will go down to the rejected pile. You must figure out the top deal that you are willing to pay for the property and offer that price.
  • YOU MUST OFFER TO CLOSE QUICKLY: Except that there is a condoning situation, most of the sellers choose to close within 30 days or less. If ever you can offer a 21- day closing time frame, for example, that might give you the brink you need to beat out the competition. For some sellers, closing hurriedly can be more necessary than an offer for more money.

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