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DIY Disinfectant Foot-bath to Keep the Virus Away

We are all aware of the pandemic COVID-19 that the whole world is facing right now. It has been shown that the virus can stay on the streets (coming by droplets). In case our households need to be out for errands, it would be worthwhile to step into a disinfectant foot-bath to prevent bringing in the virus inside our house.

Here’s a simple step by step guide to creating your own footbath to prevent the virus from entering your home:

  1. Get a basin big and deep enough for your shoes.
  2. Put some discarded clothes or rags in the basin.
  3. Create a mixture of 1/4 cup of bleach and 1 gallon of water.
  4. Pour the mixture into the basin to soak the rags/clothes.
  5. Leave it in front of your doorstep.
  6. Make sure anyone who has been out on the street step into the basin before entering your house.

Bonus tip:

  • Have dedicated footwear, use only one pair of shoes when going out and leave it outside. Never use it inside your house.

As much as we want to keep our homes to be 100% virus-free, we know it’s impossible. The objective is to reduce the risk of getting infected. Remember, our home is our safe place, so we got to make sure our families and pets are protected from COVID-19.

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