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Easy Breezy Kitchen Cleaning

One of the filthiest parts of a house is our kitchen, which atypically should be spotless due to health reasons. You don’t want a counter top dingy with dirt, a fridge smelly of rotten left overs. Your family and guests wouldn’t have the hungriness for a meal when they see how grimy your kitchen is. But how do you keep a sparkling clean kitchen with your demanding schedule? Here’s how:

Coffee stains are inevitable especially if you have your children running round the kitchen while you have your early morning coffee. To get rid of these blemishes on your rug or textile, you may try one of these methods:

  • Use a white cloth, dip it in a beaten egg yolk and rub the material on the stain, wash the fabric with clear water subsequently.
  • You may also use a denatured alcohol on the stain and clean it off with water.
  • Try mixing ½ teaspoon of mild cleanser in a pint of water then splodge with a white towel. If the mark is still noticeable try smearing 50-50 solution of water and vinegar then splotch it again.

For scrubbing your countertops, you may use a dishwashing liquid and rinse after that, this will help avoid residue on getting on foods that you make.

Mop with a mild detergent and let it sit to let it to infiltrate the ground-in dirt on your vinyl floors.  And remember, never mix housework cleaning merchandises with ammonia and peroxide. This is a poisonous ingredient and may be deadly.

Do you know that your dishwasher cleanser is also good for your refrigerators, cooktops, walls, floorings, and glass? All you have to do is liquefy ¼ cup of the detergent in a gallon of very hot water. Use a white cloth to smear the surface with the solution, but before you do that, wear your gloves first and assess if you’re appliance is colorfast.

If you have a lot of scraps, you may use old butter containers and cottage cheese containers. In that way when you have to throw away the excess food that you have overlooked to clean out, you may just toss the entire container with the rotten food with it. It will also help you evade having to wash too many dishes and no dripped mess in your trash.

Your refrigerator may stench with all the diverse type of foods that you have kept, avoiding having unwelcome odor; a little quantity of vanilla drizzled on cotton and placed inside your refrigerator will aid diminish the odor. Or if you are scheduling to clean your fridge, you may use lemon extract to the water for washing for a fresh scent.

How about you? What are the various kitchen cleaning hacks that you can part with us? Kitchen cleaning shouldn’t consume most of your free time, just give your kitchen a consistent cleaning period at it will look gleaming and spotless all the time.

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