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Elk Grove to add improvements to Waterman Road this Fall

Published by Elk Grove Laguna News June 16, 2018

This Fall the City of Elk Grove will begin work on road improvements to Waterman Road, between Sheldon and Bond Roads. The project will repave the area between the roundabout at Sheldon and Waterman and Bond Road. The roadway will widened to allow for 11 foot travel lanes and 5 foot paved shoulders. The current roadway has 10 foot travel lanes. The paved shoulders will double as bike lanes. Currently Waterman Road is very narrow, with very little unpaved shoulder on each side. No sidewalks will be constructed. In the event of further development in the area, property owners will be responsible for installing other improvements.

As part of the project, trees alongside the roadway were removed earlier this year. Construction will take place in September – October of this year and will be timed to start after the completion of the roundabout at Sheldon and Bradshaw Roads. That intersection is scheduled to reopen in early August after a 10 week closure. The Waterman Road construction will require a full closure for one month. The alternative was a partial closure for 2-3 months, and would be more costly.

There are no immediate plans to improve Waterman Road between Bond and Elk Grove Blvd at this time.

For more information on the Waterman Road project, you can visit the City’s website.

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