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Guide and Fun Facts About Sacramento

This article will help you a lot before deciding to reside and be part of Sacramento’s premises. Knowing the City first is a very important thing to do before hitting the place and living the most out of it. These guidelines and fun facts about the heart of California will hopefully help you to choose Sacramento. Here are the reasons why.


  • Sacramento is originally two cities in one; a huge network of tunnels remains the inferior foundation of the city. The network was reportedly vacated when the city is raised because of the flood issues before. There are also prominently two counties within the Sacramento’s borderline. Sacramento proper is part of Sacramento county, while the West Sacramento is genuinely part of Yolo County.
  • Sacramento is the legit origin of the original Pony express. This extravagant mail delivery service that was originated in Sacramento stretches its way also until Missouri.


  • Sacramento has a teeming number of museums. From the famous California State Railroad museum down to the Crocker Art Museum, there are boxcars of free and enticing museums around Sacramento region. The Crocker, the oldest local museum in town reportedly has the longest running art museum in the part of Western United States.
  • The Sacramento Zoo is an archival treasure. It’s been up since 1927 and still maintains to delight tourist from different generations. The zoo has accomplished many changeovers but still plays host to the regular visits from different schools and non-profit troops to sleep over on the place and enjoy nature in the median part of the night.
  • The “Sacramento nicknames” People love to give distinct nicknames to Sacramento. The City has been called the “Camellia capital of the world”, or the “City of trees” and most of the time it has been addressed as the “River City.” These are only a few sympathetic titles Sacramento has acquired from locals and tourists. The dwellers usually refer to is as Sactown.


  • Sacramento is positioned more than 90 miles northeast of San Francisco and a hundred miles southwest of Lake Tahoe, giving the locals with both rapid city adventures and innate beauty within driving and roaming distance.
  • Sacramento’s climate is ruled out to be the Mediterranean. Enjoying the mild temperatures with an abundant supply of sunshine. Unluckily, this can also result in a heat wave in the summer months.
  • Sacramento is currently home to more than 500,000 residents in the official city of Sacramento, including the 1.9 million in the community towns, cities, and counties.

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