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Gustatory Pleasure at Downtown Sacramento

A good life means good food at Sacramento California they don’t just offer a nice place to live in but also a highly valued restaurant that can satisfy your cravings and variety of cuisines that can please your taste buds and tummy. This article will be your guide to the most famous restaurants around Downtown Sacramento.

Downtown Sacramento was considered as the very heart of business in Sacramento California, most of the locals here have a fast-paced life and has a limited time to do chores at home especially preparing sumptuous food most of the time they just choose to eat or order in restaurants for convenience. There are endless attractions that the Downtown Sacramento can offer to its tourists including the Westfield Downtown Plaza, the California State Capitol building, and the Sacramento City hall. Another good point why this area of Sacramento is prominent is the abundance of fine restaurants. Whatever you are craving for they got it all here at Downtown Sacramento from Chinese down to Japanese cuisine name it and it is pretty sure they have it. Here is the list of famous restaurants at Downtown Sacramento


Magpie Cafe Yelp

THE MAGPIE, Is located at the very center of Downtown Sacramento. This restaurant has a very peaceful ambiance that provides a calming and relaxing environment. You can eat here at any time of the day including dinner. They offer tasty meals from appetizing T-bone pork chops down to tempting bread pudding. They also highlight a daily Happy Time menu with lots of meals and drinks to feast on. Another freebie that you can get in this restaurant is their large servings of drinks and meals with a very reasonable price. Magpie is a perfect place to hang out with friends or co-workers.




Mikuni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar Yelp


THE MIKUNI JAPANESE RESTAURANT AND SUSHI BAR, Is located in the inner part of East End Lofts building downtown. Mikuni is bright and full of food that has a mixture of New York and San Francisco in Japanese dishes. They also offer artistic decorations that inhibit Japanese culture. The restaurant highlights its three sushi bars, drink counters and plenty of flat-screen TVs.




Esquire Grill Yelp

THE ESQUIRE GRILL was reportedly the winner of Diner’s Choice 2015 Award. This restaurant has an amiable staff, fancy decor and a seasonal menu. They cater to American dishes furnished with fresh and local ingredients. This restaurant is for the whole Family they also served breakfast, Lunch, and dinner. Esquire grill also has a menu for children. Desserts and wines are also their expertise and I bet you don’t want to miss this out.




Cafe Bernardo at Pavilions Yelp


THE CAFE BERNARDO, This goes to all the coffee lovers and if you want to experience the fine tradition of European cafe dining. Cafe Bernardo offers a convenient and relaxing setting with fresh, and quality food for a good price. The restaurant also offers soup, steaks, salads, sandwiches, burgers, fish, and chicken. They also have seasonal meat, fat-free oils, hundred percent freshly prepared maple syrup, and dairy products without growth hormones, making it not only delectable but also guaranteed healthy.



These are the restaurants to name a few that you can consider to visit and have a handful taste whenever you are in Sacramento. We hope that this article helps you a lot before having a trip or moving into Sacramento California and yes you are always Welcome!

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