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Most of the sellers don’t know how much their homes are worth or even how much they incur. Without these two crucial facts, it is hard to know how to save money when trading. There are a lot of ways not to lose or waste your money when selling your home. Especially here at Sacramento where the competition is higher when it comes to selling and buying homes. Don’t ever lose your grip and hang tight in selling your house. This article is your guide in your successful journey of selling your home, without wasting even a single penny. 




●    YOU SHOULD PRICE YOUR HOME RIGHT; The longer your home stays in the market, the less it is worth in the buyer’s eyes. Placing your home at the right price helps to shorten its time on the market and avert such a perception dilemma. Trying to test the market by exaggerating the price of your home could end up losing your money in the end. An expert listing agent familiar with your neighborhood should be able to assist you to identify the right price. Price comparisons; Means that you should research the prices of sold homes within the past three months with homes presently on the market. It includes; your competition and the condition of the house in the market. Consider prices buyers see and price your home accordingly, but keep the price at bay in line with the sold sales.

●    GET READY WITH YOUR HOME; It might cost you a bit of money to get your home prepared in the market, but the return should far overshadow the expense. Things such as cosmetic repairs, landscaping, and even putting nice painting can upgrade many of a home’s features. The expense can be worth it if the home sells over list price in the shortest period. Set a budget; Prioritize an amount that you can afford for repairs and for sprucing up the place. Ask your trusted agent to aid you to determine which home improvement items to tackle.

●    SCRUTINIZE FEES IN THE SALES CONTRACT; Covered in the paperwork of your 10- to 20-page offer will be a list of fees the buyers and sellers will pay. Also, a buyer might ask for additional inspection reports or even a seller’s acknowledgment of closing costs. All of these costs can be debatable. If a buyer asks for 3% toward closing costs, grant to increase the sales price to compensate. Negotiate; When it comes to responding to an offer, negotiate the fees. Although it is customary for a seller to pay valid fees in your area, you can always ask the buyer to pay them in a counteroffer. 


We hope that we were able to help you with this matter. We know how you put some effort just to save or not waste your money. Best of luck!!!

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