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The best and reasonable real estate agent is an experienced professional who is there to listen to your concerns and knows their market. Here at Sacramento California, real estate agents are purposely hired by sellers, that person might not necessarily work at the largest brokerage, close the most transactions, or make the most money. What is important is that he or she knows what is he or she doing and especially a trusted one.

The majority of real estate professionals have a saying that 20% of the agents do 80% of the business. Your main goal here is to find one among that 20% to work for you, but it’s not that challenging as you might think.


  • KNOW THE DIFFERENCE FIRST BETWEEN THE REALTOR AND REAL ESTATE AGENT; All Realtors are licensed to peddle real estate as agents, but remember that not all real estate agents are Realtors. As a matter of fact, less than half of all real estate licensees are considered Realtors.
  • BROWSE ONLINE FOR AGENT LISTINGS; A lot of websites can refer agents to you, but the truth is there is no guarantee of quality. The agents you might search are often simply those who have paid the site owners a fee to be listed in their directories. A better chance is to research the top real estate companies in your area. Go to those websites and look up profiles of single agents at offices near you. Look for features of their experience, but don’t necessarily rule our newbies. They might have more time to spend with you. Don’t forget to look for client reviews or comments.
  • CATCH UP IN OPEN HOUSES; You can meet tons of real estate agents just by attending open houses in a nonthreatening working environment and can interact with them simply going to every open house. The best way is to collect business cards and make notes about the agents you meet. Always pay attention to how the agent is showing the home if you are thinking about selling. You are looking for someone who is informative, polite, and who is knowledgeable. You want to hire someone who hands out professional-looking promotional material about the home.
  • PAY ATTENTION AT NEIGHBORHOOD SIGNS; Be always up-to-date to the for sale listing signs in and around your neighborhood. Make a note of the day they go up or disappear or a “sold” banner is slapped on it instead. The agent who sells listings the fastest might be good for you.
  • ASK SOMEONE FOR RECOMMENDATIONS; Asking a friend or neighbor is one of the effortless moves that you can do. Your family or friends can refer you to an agent that might work with them also. But consider asking other real estate professionals, too.

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