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Producing money is the main target of real estate investing. Every real estate investor’s dream is to have an investment property that makes positive earnings. In the case of real estate investing, profits are made by having a good result of the return on investment (ROI). ROI is a scaling technique of how much money your investment property will be producing, factoring in the size of your primary investment and other costs. In the simplest form, ROI measures the efficiency of an investment property. There are two main metrics used to calculate the return on real estate investment: namely, the capitalization rate (cap rate) and cash on cash return (CoC return)



After defining what the meaning of ROI is, we are heading now on what is a good return on investment. Well, what is considered to be a good ROI depends on several factors such as location, property financing, investment property type, risk, etc. For example, multi-family real estate normally has a higher ROI compared to single-family homes. And most of the time, high cap rate real estate is not that important for investment as it may come with high risks if it is cheaper because it is situated in a bad location. For this case, to determine if a rental property is great for investment, you should take into account both the ROI scale together with the other factors that include a listing price, occupancy rate, and rental income.



  • ENHANCE YOUR REAL ESTATE KNOWLEDGE; For you to ace the highest return on investment property, you need to have a thorough understanding of the real estate industry. There are a lot of things that go into earning a high return on investment. To make profitable real estate investments, you need to understand these factors and how to take benefit from them. For example, you should know the right investment property financing strategy to use, the ideal rental strategy to adopt, the right investment property type, and the right areas here at Sactown to do your investment property search. Knowing the in and out of real estate investing will prevent you from purchasing the wrong investment property. One way to be successful on your journey is to enhance your real estate knowledge for free and improve your chances of searching the highest return on investment property here at Sactown.
  • DON’T DWELL WITH YOUR EMOTIONS; Looking for income properties with the topmost return on investment requires that you put your emotions at bay during your property search. Find investment opportunities logically instead of listening to your heart. For example, you should not purchase an investment property simply because you are fascinated by the trees and greenery around it. There is more to an income property rather than to its appearance. When finding the topmost return on investment, you should take into consideration the numbers. Never let your emotions drive you.
  • SEEK HELP FROM EXPERTS; although enhancing your real estate knowledge is very critical, real estate is a very wide field. It is essentially impossible to know everything that there is to learn in a short span for you to be in a position to comfortably find the great real estate investments on your own. Therefore, seeking guidance in an expert is very essential at this time. This includes working with a good real estate agent and having mentors.



It is not an issue if you are a first-timer or not as a real estate investor. What is important is to earn as much as possible from your investment property. Remember that ROI is a good indicator of a good investment opportunity. The above tips will help you make this dream a reality.  Good luck!

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