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Must Do Right After Moving In Checklist

Moving into your brand new home can be nerve-wracking, staggering, and draining experience especially when it’s your first time buying your new home. There is so much work to do in just one day, and that can be an add-on for chaos. Don’t make it a struggle for you in the first place- this is the beginning of a new life in your brand new home, after all. You want to keep memories here for the long-term. 

Categorize the steps into simple tasks and make yourself a list to establish the process after you buy a house here in Sacramento California. 


●    DON’T FORGET YOUR CASH; We understand if you prefer cashless transactions if you want a convenient life, but cash is the king in some precedence. You will want it so you can tip people, and for other instances that cash is the only way you can transact. It is better to be ready at all times unless you want a little hassle. 

●    KEEP ON THE UTILITIES; Inform the utility companies to transfer water, gas, trash, electrical, and sewer into your name. County utilities might be in quick time to attend to your needs in some localities, so it’s a good step that you inquire about this at closing. Alternatively, you will have to call yourself.

●    SECLUDE YOUR PETS; Moving can be a frightening experience for pets, and even if they are not terrified, you don’t want them underfoot. Make sure that you carry food dishes, blankets, litter boxes, toys, and treats in another box for your pets, then place those items together with your pets in a separate room. Ideally, the room must be far away from the noise and clamor as possible but make sure to check on them from time to time if you can’t easily hear sounds of distress. It will aid them to feel safe and decrease the chance that they will try to escape from the front door.

●    REPLACE THE LOCKS; Since it is your first time moving in that place and you don’t know every single neighborhood, it is the safest way to guard yourself against strangers who can harm you. Call a trusted locksmith near you, they can stall a deadbolt if your door is missing one. To give you an idea, most mobile locksmiths charge around $150 to make a home visit, plus extra for a key. Just a quick tip, change all the locks to work with a single key. 

●    SET UP YOUR SECURITY SYSTEM; After you finally change all the locks in your new home, it is the right time now that you put an effort into setting up your security system. A home with a security system brings peace of mind. Call a trusted security company to activate your system. It’s okay to feel a little paranoid, you don’t want to be awake throughout your first night thinking there will be something wrong that will happen to you.

●    SET UP YOUR INTERNET; Your security system will not easily work unless you have good connectivity, it only means that you need to work on this as soon as possible. The Internet is necessary for this time, so it is better to set this up also before anything else.

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