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Open House 101: Basic Etiquette for Home Buyers

Most of the people’s favorite thing to do is to attend Sunday open houses. Even if they are in the market to purchase a home or they are just simply inquisitive. Open houses also support the agents with an awesome way to meet prospective buyers who move about aimlessly in the street. In Sacramento California open houses usually a feast if ever you want to attend. 

But an undoubtedly amount of etiquette is much needed on both sides. You should gain knowledge about the role of the agent who is holding the house open before you decide to delve into someone else’s home, and you’ll want to dodge overstepping your bounds as well. An open house also gives the client a big opportunity to interact with a different agent’s point of view. This article was intended to all the future home buyers for their guide on what are the right etiquette to do when attending an open house. 


●    YOU SHOULD CONSIDER YOUR WARDROBE; Yes, an open house is usually an informal event, and there is certainly no need to break out your outfit. But, with consideration try to avoid super casual attires like flip flops, bathing suits tops, seen-better-days-sweatpants, and other outfits which is not desirable in an open house event. You’ll still gain admittance, but you won’t be taken seriously if you are looking to buy a new home.

●    TO USE THE DOORBELL OR NOT?; Remember that not all real estate agents host the open houses in the same manner, so you can’t always be sure who will attend the door. It could be the listing agent, a buyer’s agent, a neighbor, or even the seller. But one thing is for sure, it’s okay not to always ring the bell or knock the door unless there is a signposted instructing you to do so. Elseways, just simply open the door and walk-in.

●    WHAT TO FORESEE FROM THE AGENT; The agent might be standing in front of the door waiting for potential buyers. He or she will automatically greet you. This type of agent will probably shake your hand, get your name, introduce themselves, hand you their flyers, and will tell you to go through the house at your momentum. The agent might follow you everywhere to point out some features and answer questions you didn’t realize you had. In any case, try to avoid taking up a huge chunk of the agent’s time. Just be certain that you have a business card if you have a lot of important detailed questions about the property and you are a hundred percent serious in getting the house. You can always follow-up after.

We hope that the above mentioned will help you a little bit when you want to attend an open house event here at Sacramento. Always keep in mind that open houses are not the same in manner, but the main reason for this is to guide you as a buyer who is willing to buy an investment property to check whether there is a probability or not to buy the house. 

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