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Property Brothers Quiz Their Fans: How Much Do You Know About Buying, Selling, and Renovating?


You’ve spent countless hours watching Jonathan and Drew Scott help people demo, design, renovate, and find their dream homes. By now, you’d assume you know a thing or two about the whole buying, selling, and renovating process.

Well, in the most recent “Property Brothers” episode, titled “Room to Roam Revisit,” the Scott brothers put your knowledge to the test. While the bros highlight an upstate New York home purchase and renovation for Carly and Drum, they cut back to Nashville, TN, where they quiz local fans about the methods to their madness.

In a game they call Property Brothers Double Down, the duo ask questions about home renovation and purchasing, and fans can win real money for correct answers.

While we can’t bestow the same cash prizes on you, we thought it would be fun to recap the highlights of the impromptu game show so you can put your knowledge to the test.

Quiz show time! | HGTV

Let’s get started

The first question is about the best season to shop for a house. Jonathan says winter!

Why does frosty weather make for great buys? “Because everyone’s broke after the holidays and houses are cheaper,” he explains.

The second question is a no-brainer for anyone who reads® on a regular basis. The brothers ask what prospective buyers should have in order before making an offer on a house. Let’s all say it together: financing!

The next question deals with the push and pull between go-go city life and the more sedate suburbs. The brothers say the top motivator for folks to beat it out of the big city is the space afforded by homes in the burbs. We hope everyone got that question right.

Incorrect answers get the big, red X. | HGTV

We’re then faced with a question about fixer-uppers—specifically, the one thing about them that should scare off buyers. No, it’s not a less-than-ideal location or nearby noise. The answer is larger issues like crooked floors or poor water drainage, which can indicate major, expensive-to-fix issues with the house. Don’t buy a fixer-upper beset with problems!

Home shoppers, pay attention to this next question: How many houses should you look at before you make an offer?

“As many as it takes,” the brothers say—and they’re right. Don’t rush into a huge purchase if it’s not right for you. Take your time and see homes until you find one that makes you swoon.

Speaking of swooning, bedroom ceiling height is the next topic tackled by the bros. After a few jokes about their own height, the brothers let us know that anything under 7 feet tall can’t be legally considered a bedroom. For sellers and buyers concerned with real estate listings, this bit of trivia is especially relevant.

The quiz game also touched on features inside the home. For example, French doors: Where where they invented, anyway?

You might assume the answer is in the name, but don’t fall into the trap! The popular feature in many of today’s homes actually hails from Italy.

Another fact: “A true French door must have glass panels throughout its length,” says Jonathan.

Answer a question correctly, and you’ll see this blue check mark. | HGTV

Another home feature, marble countertops, continues to be all the rage in new construction. But because marble is a natural rock, does it need to be sealed when used in your home?

The answer is an emphatic yes—marble does require a seal. This leads Jonathan to tout the benefits of quartz—it’s lovely, inexpensive, and man-made, which means it doesn’t need to be sealed. That’s something to keep in mind if you’re planning a kitchen renovation.

The final question is a doozy: After you finish a renovation, what’s the largest task that remains?

The bros joke that the answer should be “buy the contractor an adult beverage,” but the correct answer is to check your work. Once the work is done, you must go over the scope of the original plan to ensure there are no deficiencies in the finished product.

And the winner is…

By the end of the episode, Jonathan and Drew have dished out so many obvious hints that all three fan families win the $500 max.

As for you? You didn’t win any money, but you did learn a few invaluable lessons, right?

The Scott brothers try to stump their fans, and each other, on their quiz show. | HGTV
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