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Revamp Your Home without Breaking Your Bank

No matter how much you adore your home when you purchased it, there will come a time when you are ready for some change. Chances are, you might be tired of the usual paint color and archaic fixtures, or you want to make the house stylish or more profitable to sell. 

Bear in mind that remodeling your house will not only cost you a single buck. If you live in an expensive area the catch is the cost will skyrocket also. Keep on reading this article for some great tips for a cheap home makeover here at Sactown!


●    MAKE A DO-IT-YOURSELF GAMING; Contractors does not charge a less expensive service for removal of the old fixtures and plaster. If you want to have fewer expenses and if you don’t mind some serious heavy lifting and hauling- not to mention engaging with tons of dust – you can probably save about $600 on the demo and $200 per day for regular cleaning. If your revamping will include plumbing or electric, Nonetheless, you are likely better off asking help for a demo with a pro. 

●    DO SOME REFACING INSTEAD OF SUBSTITUTING A NEW CABINET; If you are already okay and contented with the size and location of your present cabinets, you may not need to splurge a lot. Refacing cabinet doors, and adding new pivots, knobs, and pulls will give your cabinets a new look- and may also take a little of your time and the hassle of installing an entirely brand new one from scratch. Your savings from this will save you $50 per door or drawer.

●    AVERT MOVING PLUMBING; Even if you don’t want the location of your sink, shower, or toilet, bear in mind that plumbing alterations come with high costs. Remember that water-based fixtures need to adhere to pipes and drain lines behind the walls, so they inescapably come with difficulties and a larger bill. Your expenses for this will shed you $1,000 to $2,000 or more.

●    PURCHASE THE FIXTURES BY YOURSELF; Definitely, your contractor will be happy to serve you and shop for you, but it will likely charge you more in the end. Following the National Kitchen and Bath Association. The majority of contractors mark up the price of the materials, and you will likely pay high for their effort to research and travel to stores. But if you do it yourself, you will have the opportunity to negotiate prices, or skip the stores and use the power of online shopping for great deals. Your savings for this will gain you a $1,000 or more.

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