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Sacramento’s Top 5 Must Try if You’re New in Town

Sacramento is one of the most remarkable cities in California it is the representative of what a prominent California city can offer. Let the tours and this article together with the help of some locals bring you to these incredible destinations around the premises of Sacramento. You can easily sense how rich the culture of Sacramento by just simply being a tourist. You will have lots of opportunities to satisfy not only your tastebuds but also enrich your eyes. Here’s a run of the top 5 picks to visit here at Sacramento!



1. THE DOWNTOWN HISTORICAL TOUR: Being called the America’s Farm-to-Fork capital, you will figure-out while taking a tour to this place why they labeled Sacramento as that. Just to give you an insight you’ll try some of their dishes here like: heirloom tomato and provolone with spinach; pesto o sweet ciabatta roll; fresh corn tortillas filled with Oaxaca cheese; and of course the legendary wine and cheese. Your journey will begin from Sacramento’s original Main Street with a historical tour.





2. THE SACRAMENTO URBAN ADVENTURE QUEST SCAVENGER HUNT: If you are the type of a tourist who is looking for adventures and fun mysteries this tourist spot and recreational site is what are you looking for. It is a giant gameboard that combines the fun of the Amazing Race with a 3-hour excursion into an interactive scavenger hunt. While educating your self about history, groups are guided using their smartphone to roam in the city to solve clues and complete some challenges. The points of interest include Crest Theatre, Downtown Plaza Mall, Capitol Building, Delta King, and the Old Sacramento. You don’t need to be a kid again just to participate in this tour!



3. THE SACRAMENTO HISTORIC RIVER CRUISE: Spend your lazy afternoon on a one-hour narrated voyage. Learn about the fabled past of California’s capital city, from the early days of the Gold Rush to the growing metropolis that is here today in Sacramento. So if you are looking for some cozy ride hop-in here!





4. THE SUTTER DISTRICT FOOD TOUR: Dine, stroll, and explore Sacramento’s rich culture and history at the same time as you tour around the Sutter District. Try the flavor of the meat, cheeses, and organic freshly brewed coffees at five or six eateries; you will get to try the famous baked ham and gruyere cheese, Croque monsieur sandwiches, chocolate crinkle cookies, grilled pork spring rolls, Bahn mi, and chicken sandwich with fresh veggie toppings. This tour is for a maximum of 14 participants only.




5. THE HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE IN A SHARED BASKET FROM RANCHO MURIETA: Have a tour in a balloon ride style above California’s Gold County and you will not regret it. This one-hour balloon ride will bring you across the Sierra Nevada mountains and surrounding foothills. You will have scenic views over rivers, lakes, vineyards, and decade-old ranches. A post-ride champagne ceremony is waiting after the completion of your tour. Enjoy!

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