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Several Factors Why Your House is Not Selling

You already showcased your property on the market and, it is just not happening the way you desire it to sell and finally earn your profit. Also, it does not show any single showing or even a purchase offer. You are wondering why it is not working the way it should. Here are the means to isolating the predicament- be it in the pricing, the way you market your property, or maybe the people helping you- and looking for the answer for that chaotic question: Why is not my home selling? Read this article and maybe we can help you out with your dilemma.



  • YOUR HOME ISN’T UP TO EXTINGUISH: Take a sounding of your district’s real estate condition. If 90 percent of the properties in your market are not selling, then your property needs to outdo the top 10 percent. More of that, look at the pending sales data, the properties that are under contract; that is your best barometer. Facts on already closed properties could be two to three months depending on how the current market movements. If you want to know what is going on right now, the pending sales data are the best source. After aiming yourself to get this data, you should consider the condition of your property, form curb appeal to interior decor. Ask your agent which efforts will give the most bang for extra bucks.
  • MAYBE YOUR PHOTOS ARE LACKING OR NOT THAT ENTICING: That line that says “one picture is worth a thousand words” applies in diggers to real estate. According to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the shared database among real estate experts, properties with only one photo normally get passed. Properties with tons of real estate photographs get the most attention. If you are not a skilled photographer, you can hire a professional one.
  • YOUR PROPERTY IS NOT MARKETING ENOUGH: Remember that, no single form of marketing sells a home. It is a combination of efforts. If ever your online media and access makes a mistake and lists your property under the wrong section, don’t ever panic; most of the properties have sold to the buyers found them in the wrong place. For that reason, consider putting an advertisement under various classifications.
  • YOU HIRED THE WRONG LISTING AGENT: You might think that your agent is the most competent, compelling, experienced, and honest. Still, not all agents are right for all properties and clients. If you are the type of person who is a leave-it-to-the-professionals manner, you should have a full-service brokerage. Remember that, some discount agents don’t put a lot of effort into marketing, particularly if they are paid a salary versus a sales commission. Be prepared to do more on your behalf, rather than expecting them to. Your effort as a seller is still the number one form of marketing so you better put it into a level that can help you gain some value in return.

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