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They say that you can’t over-communicate with someone. In some cases, like rental tenants, it’s perhaps even more legit. So whether you communicate through phone, email, carrier pigeon, and talking to your tenant personally, staying in contact with your valued tenants makes everything else with managing your rental unit much easier. This article will provide you some tips from the Sacramento Property Management leaders on how you can talk to your tenants with so much ease and confidence. Better read this article and see it for yourself!


●    NEVER ADD SOME EMOTION ON IT: Whether you have great tenants or a very challenging one, you need to focus on the owner-tenant relationship as a business venture. Treat your tenants professionally, and never get attached or too personal with them. Communication should be honest and clear and always direct to the point if you don’t want some issues in the long-run.

●    REMEMBER TO DO MORE, LOTS MORE: From property management in Sacramento, California to Davis, your valued tenants deserve to hear an update from you more often. It does not matter if you email, call, mail it- just make sure that you’re staying in communication. With daily inspections and maintenance needs, your tenants need to know what is going on around their home and it is your responsibility to discuss that now and then.

●    DO THE WORK LOCALLY: If you are planning to hire a property management team, make sure that they have Sacramento property management experience. Remember that each market location is different. Look for someone who is experienced with property management in Sacramento and you’re on your way for great management.

●    HAVE SOME CLARITY ABOUT EXPECTATIONS: Nothing acrids a relationship faster than unmet expectations. Always be clear about your expectations. You and your valued tenants will have enough better experience. Precise communication of expectations can begin at the time of the lease signing.

●    NEVER HOVER: Always allow your tenants to figure out how they want to live in their house, they often do not want or need your advice on how to set-up their home. You can focus on making the experience as simplified and as easy as possible. Just keep yourself always available just in case they ask you some questions.

●    KEEP SOME HARD COPIES: The idea of “nail and mail” has been around for a long period already and it’s the easiest way of keeping a track on your important papers- it works especially with legal issues or financial matters. It’s best to give your tenants hard copies of official paperwork and documents. Word of mouth and cyberspace are not always the best documentation options for your official communications.

●    ALWAYS CERTIFY YOUR MAIL: It’s your responsibility as a property owner to certify your mail. Many property management Sacramento firms certify every piece of mail that goes out to the client. That way, they can ensure that the communication was received or refused. Either way, a record is kept, and you have your receipts if ever you will prove what has or hasn’t been done.

Communicating with your tenant when managing your property can be an overwhelming experience. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. If you find a good Sacramento property management partner, you don’t need to deal with these issues and it can easily be taken care of for you.

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