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To settle in a place that will match your needs, budget and lifestyle are considered to be a major factor, because buying or renting a place to live in is the biggest decision that you can make while you are still alive and kicking. It is not easy to decide for something that will be your shelter for the rest of your life. That’s why we are here to help you decide and we are giving you the best place to live in. We are talking about the last county of California which is Sacramento. This article will answer all your queries about Sacramento neighborhoods and we listed down below the best places to settle in there.


  • THE SOUTHLAND PARK: If you are in your twenties we are very certain that midtown and downtown area is the best for you and Southland park is located in that area. The three main reasons why this so famous in younger home buyers it’s because of the location, price, and space. It’s a safe neighborhood so you won’t worry about your welfare. Lastly, the location is ideal if you are working in downtown or midtown area


  • THE GARDEN OF THE GODS- ARDEN PARK: You will be able to find good deals in this area with some of the most covetable neighborhood niceties, such as fine parks, and schools. You can also find here the Sacramento’s one and only Whole Foods Market. Numerous restaurants and bars are also located here. It has also easy access to the nearby American River and a few miles away to 180. The preponderance of homes are the three bedrooms, one bathroom, and the range is between $225,000 to $300,000- just the perfect price for young professionals and families.


  • THE CRESLEIGH RANCH VILLAGE-ELK GROVE: Situated just southwest of Bruceville Rd. and Franklin Rd.- Cresleigh Ranch Village is the best spot on Elk Grove that is best for families and younger homebuyers who are looking for a secured neighborhood to raise children. They are instantly a winner to the neighborhood because of the exceptional public schools and brand-new homes in the neighborhood.


  • THE SERRANO- EL DORADO HILLS: Serrano is placed in the customary neighborhood of El Dorado Hills with every relaxation and convenience you could imagine from excellent schools to high-end retail to easy connection to freeways. It’s a gem that sparkles in the foothills. Most of the homes in Serrano is ranging from 2,500 square feet to well over 10,000 square feet on large acreage. With easy access to fine dinings, country clubs, 24-hour security, and pretty landscaping are taken care of by the HOA fees.


  • THE WILDHORSE-DAVIS: Situated in East Davis ahead of the greenbelt- Wildhorse is the perfect locale to put down roots if you are a kind of homeowner looking to spread out. A dynamic community puts the greenbelt to better use with numerous parks, private golf course, and brand new soccer fields keeping it neat by the Nugget Markets. Ethnically distinct neighbors with a strong sense of community and harmony in Wildhorse making it a very safe neighborhood and one of the most enticing places at Sacramento.


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