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Finding a legit site without being skeptical is very hard nowadays because of the rising issues of scammers that are very rampant online. This article will help your life easy as you search for the best real estate investment property around Sacramento. We have listed the tools that you might use for future purposes. The best thing about most of
these awesome sites is they are a hundred percent free! All you need to do is just simply read this article and see it for your self. You’re welcome!


● CRAIGLIST: One of the most visited sites in and out of the Sacramento area. Craiglist has always a huge deal to offer if you spend the time on the site. What’s
very ironic on this site is they tend to get tons of terrible write-ups and ads for great properties. But what is cool about terrible ads is that sometimes they turn
out to be the best among the rest. Might as well check this site if you want to score great deals.

● ZILLOW: This site is considered as the biggest, and the most efficient site you’ll ever click. They construct data based on real estate wealth like a few other sites.
Spend some time to check this site and get to know the in-depth details of each property that is being sold in your target Sacramento ghettos. Try also to identify
the psychology of the cost, and pursue to understand why the seller and buyer chose that point to settle.

● THE LoopNet: This site is the patriarch of commercial real estate investing. If you want to sell an immense building to institutional investors, this is the site that
will help you on that matter. Occasionally, there are great deals at LoopNet, but you are competing with the other investor to catch them. If you are an A-list
investor working with a prominent broker, you’ve got a chance to win the bid and will take home the deal. Unfortunately, this is not the site for the amateur.
LoopNet is a good place to learn about the market in Sacramento and observe how the major money is moving.

● AUCTION.COM: As its name implies, is a huge clearinghouse of auctions, from REOs, foreclosures, short sales, afflicted properties, to land, and
new construction, you name it, they sell it. Consider this site if you are a fan of bidding you will not regret it.

● WALKSCORE: Most investors consider this site as a huge mistake. Walkscore tells you a lot about any given address. This site tells you how a promising renter
or buyer will judge it- what’s nearby and the point of access.

● REALTOR.COM: The biggest place to search the MLS (multiple listing service), is frequently confusing and usually doesn’t seem steady with what
data it shows. But, this site got some accurate search alerts and other tools that will help you get notified when a broker in your area has added a listing.

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