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F & M Bank Downtown Sacramento

As we all know that  Downtown Sacramento is the central business district in the city of Sacramento. The Downtown area of Sacramento is categorically characterized as the area south of the American River, east of the beautiful Sacramento River, north of the heart of Broadway, and west of 16th street. Nevertheless, this accustomed description, we will use Downtown Sacramento as our point of interest to the Greater downtown area that assimilates the communities and the neighborhoods that we will identify below.


The Downtown Sacramento streets use a numbered and lettered grid system, with the lettered streets running from north to south, and numbered streets located from west to east, we can say that it is strategically organized. The exclusions to this involve the Capital Mall and Capitol Avenue, which are equal to the 1st street; Broadway, which is equal to Y Street, and Alhambra Boulevard, which is equal to 31st Street.


Encompassed within the Downtown area is the California State Capitol building, the house of the California State Government. The dominant shopping center is the Westfield Downtown Plaza, a famous outdoor shopping mall in Sacramento that includes Macy’s. The currently renovated and expanded Sacramento City Hall is also based in Downtown. Meanwhile, the Sacramento Convention Center Complex is a central events venue also in Downtown. The currently renovated Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament is placed at 11th and K Streets. It is reportedly known as the largest historical cathedral in the west of the Mississippi River.


The allure of the greater Downtown housing market is the charisma of homes (early 1900s-forward) These are the Victorian, rustic craftsman approach, bungalows, and lofts conversions. It’s very near to local eateries, astonishing tree-lined streets, proximity to arts, and parks. But most of the ancient homes have been renovated and some of the smaller, outlying places have been gentrified to new areas like; Tahoe Park, Oak Park, etc.


Greater Downtown Sacramento assimilates several smaller niche communities including Downtown Sacramento, which is known to locals as the Downtown Sac most of the real estate investors are choosing this place to invest or rent because of its affordable price and prime locations that are very near in the city. Midtown Sacramento, with its modern to a classic style of houses this neighborhood at Sacramento is also appealing to real estate investors with its low median price property and very convenient place to stay you can never go wrong in choosing this place to invest or to live in. Next will be the McKinley Park Sacramento, this area at Sactown was considered to be highly sought after neighborhoods due to its central freeway location, proximity to the Midtown area and the State capital corridor. East Sac home prices have seen the biggest price appreciation relative to size in any area in Sacramento.

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