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The Sacramento Real Estate Boom

We all know that the Sacramento real estate market is shaping up to become one of the hottest in the community. It’s seen amazing growth over the last few quarters, and it’s revealing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Situated in California’s Central Valley, Sacramento is the capital of one of the most populated and diligent states in the nation, and it’s long been the haven of the pioneers, innovators, and recent immigrants.


In just a year, the average price for a Sacramento home has a significant increase of more than 30 percent and it is considered as a huge jump. With proximity to great mountain sports and also very near to San Francisco and the ocean beaches, Sacramento has a lot to offer especially in terms of its real estate consideration.


Purchasing in the Sacramento investment property could potentially a good move and a great investment, but it’s best to work with an agent who is familiar and has a piece of great knowledge in the area and will help you navigate the ins and outs of neighborhoods, home value, and most of all the pricing. In this article, we will tackle the things that make Sacramento a unique destination to most homebuyers. 





  • THE AFFORDABILITY OF HOMES AND THE CONVENIENCE; Yes you have read it right it is still affordable until this time. Unlike many other areas in California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, and the very famous Silicon Valley, Sacramento homes are more sensibly priced. The typical home in Sacramento sells for around $ 230,000- automatically less than elsewhere in the Golden State, and more affordable to working families. Most of the neighborhood in Sacramento is very accessible in markets, schools, churches, hospitals, and other known shopping malls. 
  • PRIME LOCATIONS OF AGRICULTURAL GROWTH; One of the reasons why homebuyers are very eager to invest or to move in here at Sacramento is because of its agricultural abundance and growth. Placed in the rich agricultural region of California’s Prime Valley, the fresh produce at Sacramento’s Farmer’s Markets just can’t be defeated. Most homeowners find amazing food and at a very reasonable price all-year-round. 


  • THEIR SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD; Most of the homebuyer safety and zero crime rate is their number one or two priority because most of them are family-centered and has already children to attend. Sacramento neighborhood

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