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Things That You Should Do Before Moving To Your New Home

Welcome to the greatest moving checklist—a list of all the things you should do before moving into your new house.

Let’s face it: With all the incitement of new grooves, it’s not difficult to forget some necessary tasks. Plus, specific things are best done while the house is still bare, long before your boxes and appliance are parked in the place. Put these things off, and it becomes all the more difficult to tackle them later.

So in case, you will move—or in case you have moved and are wondering how many of these you strike—verify this moving checklist to know what should be done long before you dwell in it.

●    KEEP THE UTILITIES ON: Electric, gas, water—don’t take for granted that they’ll be on and functional when you show-up. Rather, get all your utilities set up beforehand. You need to check this before the moving-in happens. 

●    DO SOME INTENSIVE CLEANING: “It’s never easier to do an intensive cleaning than when the home is barren,” Beckman says. A cleaning aid costs around $150. Don’t mind cleaning the house yourself? Test out our House Cleaning Guide, with information on how to clean a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and further.

●    CHECK THE SMOKE AND CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS: Make sure these are working accordingly to assure your new house from fires and other emergencies. Also, read our suggestion of the best type of smoke detector. With all of these being said, you can finally say that you are well protected.

●    ENGAGE ON MAJOR HOME RENOVATIONS: The final thing you need to do is to sneak around the construction zone after you move in. So, if you want to repaint the home, resand floors, or make any other alterations, do them in the forefront.“These projects are better done when the home is bare and normally don’t happen once the appliances show up,” says Foy.

●    GET FAMILIAR WITH YOUR NEW HOUSE: Assess where the circuit breaker box and central water shut-off valve are before moving in, so you know how to turn off the electricity or water in an emergency. Also, acknowledge classifying your home’s electrical panel.

●    CHILDPROOF YOUR HOUSE: Do you have kids? Every year, tons of children are hospitalized because of accidents that are happening around the home, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. So, before your clothing of joy begins toddling around your home, take steps to fully childproof your new house.

●    DON’T FORGET TO UPDATE YOUR BILLING ADDRESS: Notify your credit card companies, banks, or any other financial institutions of your brand new address. Besides, if you repeatedly purchase anything from a website, you can avert a future headache by updating your profile with your new address.

So how many have you checked already? Let us know below!

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  • It cannot be overstated how beneficial it is to start the process of moving sooner rather than later. Get estimates early and it will play out much better for the family that is moving. Love some of your points about adjusting before and after the move

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