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Things to Make You Busy at Sacramento

This article is another guide for you out there who is very curious about what are the things that you can do when you live in Sacramento, California. As the City continues its remarkable changes locals also has different things to share why this place considered as the busiest City in California. With its nice weather all throughout the year, it is impossible to just stay at home and will not enjoy the scenic view outside especially when the Spring and Summer hit on. Here are some things that this article can share for you whenever you are here at Sacramento.

Downtown Grid

Roam around Farmers Market: Sacramento labeled by the tourists as a “Farm to Fork Capital” for a good reason of course. Sacramento is surrounded by farmland. These farms generate a variety of locally fresh produce that is used widely by restaurants and it is sold at local markets. When it is already Summer, there are farmer’s markets that are going on every day of the week wherein you can enjoy shopping for different organic produce from vegetables down to meats. Most of the location of this weekly farmer’s market is in the Midtown Sacramento and the Fremont park.



Midtown Association

Go on in a Vintage shopping: If you enjoy shopping for ancient things then Sacramento has its fair share of classic things. The locations of vintage shops are as follows; Scout Living (1215 18th Street) and Fringe (2409 the 21st Street) these are the acclaimed shops if you are looking for quality and affordable classic wares.






The Kachet Life

Appreciate the Murals: Sacramento is known for its seriously marvelous street art, as a matter of fact, there are more than 600 murals in total. You can definitely sight these while you are walking the streets of Downtown and Midtown Sacramento, but some of the finest murals are located all over the Bank at 5th and J, and some are can be found at historic R ST. (R St. between 12th and 14th Streets.) Murals symbolize Sacramento’s rich history and culture that’s why this kind of art is very present and famous at Sacramento.




Visit Sacramento

Trip to the Museum: Sacramento is also acclaimed for its colossal museums enriched with a variety of historical backgrounds that was passed all over the decade. One of the known museums here is The Crocker museum which believed to be the nicest and oldest museum in the West is home for different exhibits, like the recent Ai Weiwei sculptures and Andy Warhol portraits theses are worth checking out if you are a fan of exhibits and museums.




Above mentions are the many of some activities you can indulge on when you are in Sacramento.

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