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Tips on the Preparation of Your House before Selling

Careful organization and awareness in sprucing up your home is strategic to selling your house ASAP, with your asking price. Your house doesn’t have to look like it came straight out of a magazine, the important thing is it should reflect that the house has been well taken care.  So how do you prepare your house so that offers will come pouring in right away?

file000384683518Say goodbye. I know, it doesn’t have the “SOLD” sign yet, but disassociating yourself from it can help. Let go of your emotional attachments. Buyers who can see that the sellers have hesitations in selling their house might not make an offer for they are afraid that there will be an issue when the closing is almost there. This will prepare you for when it is time to negotiate an offer.

20120930_142603Since you have said your farewell, it’s time to depersonalize your house. Hide all family photos, personal trinkets, trophies or awards, anything that shows your ownership to your house. Prospective buyers will have a hard time imagining themselves as the owners when they can see your personal belongings in the house.

Throughout the years, you may have accumulated stuff that you kept thinking that you can use it someday again. This stuff mayfile0001356080488 pile up somewhere in your house or worst, scattered throughout the house. Make sure you de-clutter your house before you show it to prospective buyers. Empty the bookshelves put some nice little figurines or décor instead. Remove everything from the kitchen counter and accent it with a simple vase with a fresh flower.

Your kitchen cabineP1000588ts and closets are not safe from those curious eyes. They will open those storages to see whether you are really neat or you are just hiding the mess inside. Neatly fold your clothes and arrange them by style. DO not forget to stack up your plates; you mugs are all facing the same way, your shoes in a neat line. Showing them that you are organized and neat will make the impression that you really took care of the house even before deciding to sell it.

It helps to spend some money on storage units. Rent one and store some of your furniture that crowds the house. It’s enough to leave some furniture that will show the purpose of the room. For Instance, leave a bed and a couple of dressers to show that it’s a bedroom. Having minimal stuff in the house will show more space hence making the house look bigger.dsc06741-B

Do you have those treasured items that you really love? Do not show it to prospective buyers. If you want to keep your dining table, china cabinet, divan, do not include it in the open house. The prospective buyer might include in the offer that they want to keep those and declining would seem negative to them. It might ruin your chances on getting an offer.

There’s a little crack there, subtle discoloration, and a few scratches. Those minute things that we deemed unnoticeable are an eye catcher to these taller de ilustracion digital - 206buyers. They have an eye of a hawk when it comes to details. It may not seem like a big deal to you as the seller, but for them it means repairs and repairs mean more cost. Repair them before you show the house, this way you have an option to hire someone you agree with the price, instead of having them repair it and have you shoulder the cost at closing.

ttronslien-Ever wonder why rooms in the magazines look dreamy that you want to just own it right away? Because they look sparkly neat and organized. Light up your house, change old light bulbs that doesn’t work anymore. Remove the cobwebs, wash the windows, polish the faucets and shower heads. If you have white tiles, make sure they look white and not off-white. Open the curtains and let natural light come in.

Be your house’s own critic. Pretend that you are the buyer, when you look at the house, does it sfile0001950705259eem inviting? Does it give off the friendly aura? Do you think the asking price is too much or the house is worth it? Look at it in a different point of view, if you are the buyer, would you buy it?



Of course you have heard that first impressions last, sometimes that’s true. Having an appealing front view of the house is a big influence. _DSC5885-01The curb appeal is a determining factor for some buyers if they even want to see the inside. Clean the path, trim the shrubs, and plant some colourful flowers on the sidewalk. Put a little accent on your door, repaint the front porch, and lastly make sure that your house number is visible.

When the buyer sees that your house has been newly spruced up, it will look refreshing, it may make them think that this is the fresh start that they are looking for. They now that you have taken care of the house well and that they will face less, if none, issues in the near future regarding the house. A well maintained house can be sold in top dollar with the right preparation and www.

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