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Top Reasons Why a Home Sale Goes Down the Drain

Everybody will think about what went wrong when an awaiting house sale goes back on the market as an active listing. They wonder why the sale fell apart or is there something wrong with the property and others may think if the buyer or the seller did something wrong. It’s common to see a pending sale sign when you roam every street after two or more months in a buyer’s market. The days on market are usually much longer when there are lesser buyers than sellers. But it’s just as typical to see the pending sign come down again. A sale might cancel due to the seller’s anguish, but that is a long shot.




  • WHEN MORTGAGE LOANS FALLS APART: Frequently, purchasers who don’t know any better increase their debt-to-income ratios while they are anticipating for their mortgage loans to close. They finance colossal purchases, taking out a loan for a new car or will finance the purchase of furniture. This can make the purchaser not qualified for that mortgage loan. The awaiting sale will automatically go back to active if the loan is rejected due to a purchaser’s impetus financing. It’s is also common that purchasers might not have the ability of liens or judgments filed counter to them. This can also influence their creditworthiness so the loan the purchaser will think he had in place can conclusively be denied. Just a friendly reminder, do not make any financial plans or commitments that alter from those disclosed on your primary loan application while you are waiting for your loan to close.
  • THE BUYER’S REMORSE: Oftentimes, purchasers just get cold feet. Approved contracts normally give them two to three weeks to do inspections and take care of the aspects, and purchasers can often cancel a contract for whatever reason during this time. Purchasers get their earnest money deposit back upon abandonment during this period, oftentimes called an “option period” or an “active option.”
  • THE CONTINGENT OFFERS: A purchaser can lose a home sale if the contract is contingent upon him selling his home and this is not happening within the stated time. Lesser buyers can afford to own two residences at the same period, making double mortgage payments. Although the first house is paid off, the purchaser might need the money from that closing to put down on the new purchase Remember that these contingent offers can make a domino effect. All other transactions that are contingent even if it is closing will automatically fall apart.

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