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Visual Illusion: Make a Small Space Seem Bigger

Do you want your room to look inviting and spacious but you don’t want to expand it? Here are some tips which you can do to make your room look bigger.

  1. Avoid dark colors on the wall and floorhWfr0yKM

When you use dark colors, they absorb the light which makes the room seems cozy and makes the room look smaller. Choose light colors instead to make the room feel spacious and airy.


  1. The bigger the better

Do not over crowd your shelves and tables with small decorations. Instead, use bigger but fewer decorative items.

  1. Stripes for Height

Remember, if you are short, you may want to wear clothes with vertical stripes so you will look taller. Same principle goes with designing your space, opt for stripes to create an illusion of an elongated room hence it will make your room look higher or longer.

  1. No curtains

You may use blinds or roman shades as curtains are bulky. If you are not that worried about privacy, you may also leave the windows uncovered to give depth to the room.

  1. Your room is not an Art Gallery.

Oh sure, you want to show your family tree to your visitors, but it doesn’t mean that you have to hang every picture on the wall. Save that for your photo album. Put up a large piece of art on that bare wall and it will make a room feel more expansive.

  1. Mirror

Put one big mirror on one side of the room and it will reflect light which will make your room look brighter hence it will look spacious.IMG_6249

  1. Color Palettefile7551347375723

Choose the same shade of colors for your color palette. Having the same shades will make your room feel more open. No need to repaint the whole room, you may match your decorations or throw pillows to the color of your wall.

  1. Legged Furniture

Use furniture with exposed legs, like a sofa or armchair with raised legs which creates a sense of light and space.

  1. Floor-to-Ceiling

Add a floor-to-ceiling book case or headboard for your bed; this will enlarge the way your ceilings look.

  1. Empty Space

Do not feel the need to fill all those empty space on your shelves. A space will give your room an airy look.

  1. See Through Furniture

Use clear glass furniture to trick the eye that there is more space. You may also do this if you have a tiny bathroom, use a clear shower curtain.

  1. Color coordination

This doesn’t just apply to your color palette; you may also color coordinate your books or the things in your shelf. Blue stuff together, pink with pinks, yellow with yellows and so on and so forth. This will make your space look streamlined.

  1. Natural Beautyfile0001055225323

Let natural light fill your room, as much natural light the better. This opens up space and gives character to your room.

  1. Multi-Functional

Use multi-functional furniture, like a coffee table that can be used as an extra seat. Or a box which be used as a chair.



  1. Unclutter

Most importantly, clean up your space. If there are things that you have not used for more than a year, get rid of it.

These are not only useful for those who are transforming their houses; these can also help realtors who are into flipping. Or if you have sellers who ask for your advice how to make their house seem bigger, try these things out and you’ll be surprised with the results! Your cramped little space will now look bigger and more inviting.



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