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As a rental property proprietor, you might be a little bit inquisitive about what a vacancy can charge you extra money. There are a lot of ways in which it will change your rental income. Learn more here at our latest post!

Scheming to manipulate the cost of vacancy or COV is crucial before buying any rental property within the Sacramento area. You will necessarily have a vacant property at one point or another, and it is wise to be financially ready for it. Mind about all the ways of owning a vacant property will cost you. It is not just a lost income, but also the charges you will need to cover that your tenant would normally be taking care of. Keep on reading to know more!



  • PROBABLY A LOST INCOME; The biggest chaos that you will encounter is, of course, the loss of your income. If you have a mortgage on the property, and usually rely on your tenant’s fee, you will need to be sure that you will be able to make the payments while the property is empty. You don’t want to dodge payment on the loan or begin missing payments because of your tenant suddenly moved-out. Have an intact plan to pay the mortgage and get a new tenant in there quickly.
  • YOU ARE ENTITLED TO PAY THE BILLS; If you are trying to get new tenants in front of your door, you will need to turn the lights on so they can see the place. It is likely your tenants paid these costs in the past, but now they are your responsibility. Luckily, with nobody in the house, your bills shouldn’t be too high.
  • EVALUATING PROSPECTIVE TENANTS; Screening new tenants is another addition to your expenses that you will have to deal with. Background checks, credit checks, and analyzing it all will take you a considerable amount of time and money. Nonetheless, this isn’t something you will want to scrimp for. Remember that having bad tenants in the house will cost you more than a short-term vacancy ever could.
  • MARKETING YOUR PROPERTY TO YOUR POTENTIAL TENANTS; Obviously, you want your place to be rented out as soon as possible, which will require you to let them know about the availability of your property. Running ads online, taking quality images of your place, and adding-up virtual tours of the property will all sum-up. Bear this in mind that when you are calculating how much a vacancy is going to cost you.
  • YOUR PRECIOUS TIME; As the saying goes, time is money. The method of dealing with a vacant property, advertising and screening new possible tenants can be undoubtedly time-consuming. You could be spending your time on other things that are more important like, spending it on your family. Your free time is considered very important.



If your property is vacant for a short period, try to take advantage of the situation. Not having tenants in the house will make you busy for some upgrading, making some repairs, and do maintenance work to add an extra appeal to your potential tenants.

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