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Wood You Take Care of It?

IMG_6198Wood is more sensitive than metal, and we know it always looks good on any part of the house. So it’s naturally understandable why people love having wooden furniture in their homes. It gives character, makes a room look refreshing, and it also gives a classical elegant atmosphere. The downside is it is hard to maintain wooden furniture, so here are some tips of how you could take care of it and give it a long lasting elegance and purpose.

  • If you have small scratches in your wooden furniture, you may use a shoe polish or felt tips pens. This will work well in hiding the scratches and furniture touch ups.
  • Putting cups and glasses on top of your table will leave rings on it. Color it by using an abrasive paper. Rough it slightly with the paper and rub with cigarette ash mixed with cooking oil. To prevent rings from forming on your table tops, use coasters made of wood with felt underneath, it won’t scratch your table top and will also prevent forming rings.file0001458140437
  • It’s worth it to shell out money on having your wooden furniture rebuffed and polished at least once a year by a professional.
  • Rejuvenate the finish of your furniture by washing it with a mild hand soap diluted in water.
  • Never ever use a household cleaner with ammonia with it. Check the bottle or container first before you use these products.boldtcastle_furniture1
  • Maintain the gloss of your furniture by polishing it once a week with a good quality polish, it will not just maintain the glossiness but it will also help protect the finish. But before you use any polish, make sure it doesn’t contain any alcohol or silicone. As alcohol is the main ingredient in strippers and once it is mixed with a polish, it could just damage the finish of your furniture.
  • As a precaution, when your dining table is not in use, you may opt to use a table pad on top of it. This will help protect the finish of your table. Also if you need to serve hot dishes and plates, it is wise to use a table cloth.
  • Direct sunlight dries out wood, so you should plan where to put your furniture. Position it in a place where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Leaving a pitcher or glass too long on top of a wood will leave water spots. To treat this, let it dry out completely then apply mayonnaise, not sandwich spread, on a soft cloth and rub it on the dried water spot.
  • Make your own furniture polish; just simply mix lemon oil with 3 parts olive oil.

A house will look nicer and maintained if your furniture shows that they have been well taken care of.

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